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【Spoiler】Character Profile-Kindred Spirits on the Roof

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Welcome to this site!
Here is a site dealing with highly advanced Lezsex and Shojoai and Yuri.
This time, to commemorate that ““Kindred Spirits on the Roof”” has been released in Steam.
I want to tell abroad of everyone. The settings that are not well known. For example, a birthday and hobbies.
I like the YURI! But I do not speak at all in English.
Although there are more detailed information, it is difficult to translate to me. I'm really sorry.
But I wanted you to be aware, that there is this kind of setting.
So I did this in the article.
Information source is the page below.
If the Japanese can read, please refer to there.

百合霊さん設定等まとめ - Togetterまとめ

| YURITOPI-EARTH | 屋上の百合霊さん


So Let's start!

Enjoy :)


Toomi Yuna
Birthday:May 2

A few books of recipes notes that some in her own room, summarizes the recipe was transcribing from a variety of cookbooks. She does not show is it rarely others. Several books of note is the Christmas gift from Hina.

Komano Hina
Birthday:April 9
Her hobby, "Running," "Jersey collected"
She is very particular about the "jersey collected". Season, weather, according to the outing location, she was diligently align the jersey. She has a lot of jersey.
Hina and Ano's was informal, the opportunity also of her wearing had jersey Ano has been praised as "cute". The jersey was something that was purchased just feel as "cute."

Note:Ano and chicks each other playfully. Then Kiri feel heaven seven times

Ano Fuji
Birthday:October 4th
Her hobby is two-dimensional in general. That is the "Game Manga and anime".
She has seen everything without regard the manga and anime genre. She prefers the story of especially fun mood.
During the summer event, she stayed in the room of relatives who are in Tokyo. The relatives, is the person who Ano has become remote cause addictive in depth. The relatives is very eccentric. The relatives are doing creative circle with Ano. The Relatives are women.

Nagatani Megumi
Birthday:December 25
She had spent lover and fun every year for my birthday.
Since the Ministry of Culture Union is also such as Christmas tree decorating the courtyard, the girls had a date with a pretty atmosphere. Tree is too mismatch standing in Japanese garden. But where Sachi grace is there is always a What is Christmas Eve.
Her hobby is poem. She made a poem full of girl's mind, to hear the lover. Its contents do not know other than the lover. Is the secret words of the only two people.
She had a lot of hobby of his lifetime.
Because the body was weak, she did not mean can be anything. But, why, she was asked to do so roughly that said I want to do.
Most lasted painting in her number a hobby. Next it is idle. She drew the idols of the portrait, had been or send it to the magazine.

Enoki Sachi
Birthday August 25
Her hobby is trivia collected. Among the long school life, she picked up a lot of knowledge from the topic of the student. However, she's just heard. So sometimes essential thing is not known.
Her lifetime hobby is reading and walk.
She is also that you have a flower that was found in the walk to the pressed flowers. Reading is also ongoing now is her hobby. Occasionally, the book on the book committee finds desk is the remnant of her reading.
Note: to move the book there are tips. So she is reading in favor of the easy to take paperback. Megumi is so lonely want the frequency fewer.
The day after the night the moon is shining, the book has been left on the desk.
This phenomenon is referred to as the "avid reader of the full moon." It is one of the Seven Wonders of the school.

Aihara Miki
Birthday June 10
Her hobby "gardening craft." Committee of the work has been imperceptibly becomes a hobby.
Rashiku Miki is a finicky, along with Yuna, are deepening the knowledge by, for example, subscribe to the magazine.
The know the plant located in the campus is a playground craftsmen have a care. However, the latest information is to rely on and is early to ask Miki.
Another hobby, since I was good at handicraft is small. Embroidery, sewing, such as knitting the main. Also been tapped to Inamoto who are interested in handicraft, the figure to speak while the knitting can be seen every winter in the classroom


Maki Seina
Birthday:April 21
Her family:Parents and two of his brother.
Her hobbies include accessories collected and shopping. In particular, it has attracted a lot of accessories of hair ornaments system. Is eager to strap collection recently.
Accessories of policy "that she does not use a lot at one time."
Seina has replacement to choose some to suit the mood of the strap in the morning.


Ichiki Umi
Birthday:Sept. 29
She is said to be "that person is like an angel" from the junior.

her hobby is participation event and new product check

Its dedication is described as curiosity of demon (by Futano).
Parent of work (event-based) and the tangle also, severe sleep disturbance in the amount of information is too much (by Miyama)
Genre of participation events such as the wide range of festivals, product exhibition and sports.
When they are enjoying the surroundings, Umi is fun too, when they are solemn quietly.
She is quietly too.
she goes acquaintance increases everywhere.


Futano sasa
Birthday:Oct. 31
She was born on All Saints' Day.
She be happy most greeted the birthday, to become the lover and the same age that pretend profusely sister about a month.

Her hobby is fashion collection. She is gothic clothes, access, etc. to the main. originally,
She got addicted to while you are choosing a witch-ish looking to match her scary appearance.

Recently, it was discovered in the neighborhood of shops Umi is. She has often used the shop

The original catalog in this shop, her pictures have been quite a few use.
Because the store manager had liked her appearance.
Because her lover was recommended.
Because Nena were amused.
She is also liked her own photo.

The catalog is also three Gothic photograph was taken as her modest counterattack.
Another hobby "fortune-telling". He gave a hand to the tarot enters from astrology.

Miyama Nena
Birthday:December 3

She does not resist the blessing of friends.
She celebrates the birthday in a mental state, such as a monk. She said that palm sleep in humans also increase or to celebrate from the last year. And it has been rumbling in the kotatsu.

Her hobbies include DVD appreciation, games.
She does not see a movie in a movie theater. She watch a movie in the DVD. Because because there is no problem even fell asleep on the way. We look in favor of action and mystery.
She has a lending and borrowing of software frequently and Ano.
She're recommending to each other looking for the girls may like work. And have a play of "surrender to you." When it is like.
She likes also non-electronic games.
She will show me the dial care such as quoits shooting gallery of the night market.

Tsurugimine Kiri
Birthday:March 2
Her hobby is "to collect cute things."
She loves is collected those fluffy small stationery, interior, etc..

Her own room in fact, it does not put too much things cute. Her room is simple and adult tighten. Her room is put is stuffed only a little. Not as flashy as box jewelry.

Reasons of simplicity is because restless and visible things "cute.
Her room has become simple to make in order to avoid too much excitement in his room. Items placed in the points are replaced every three days
Her in the housing are ordered to scrupulous cute thing. The photos taken to birthday anniversary is at the top is that hanging. Friends to the scene said, "like a temple or altar!".
Another hobby "game". She play if there are cute ones


Sonou Tsukuyo

Birthday:July 15
Her hobby is "drive"
Operation of Ensei chan "solid safety". She is not the driver, such as the action movie. However, she is in the habit of singing. When she sings, she ran a good way of landscape.
According to the colleagues to ride, her song is a good song. But the lyrics are bullshit. Moreover month fee is not singing aware, at the time of operation. So her recital will not hear again. Recital's a rare thing.

Ariu Aki
Birthday:August 9
Iodide also a practicing the birthday song.
Her hobby is the "late-night radio," "Listening".
She of course listen to rock 'n' roll. Classic, such as even hear. She hears the music in order to change of pace.
Fruit of the place she is carrying around the MP3 player. The MP3, music to suit the mood of her desire is turned by 20 minutes each. When she is watching, it does not move as well as the flutters. Committee of comrades call it "meditation", when she is listening to music. Mr. a variety of pot special autumn. Radio hobby for is there also the person is conscious does not profess.She has created a masterpiece election. She wants to hear it with a lover.


Koba Youka
Birthday:January 15
Her hobby is rock 'n' roll!
She wakes up with the rock 'n' roll. She sleeps a rock 'n' roll to a lullaby.
All cool thing is a rock 'n' roll for her. So, she is listen to the music of various genres.

At the time of admission, Haruka is loudly declared to be like rock 'n' roll in the self-introduction. Of course, she was temporarily join the club is solicitation to light music club section. But because the music did not fit, she was retirement part.
Then, her talent was awakened. Omnivorous-based rock band-Strange Magnet. She has entertained members, in its own sensibility. She is loved by the members.
As always in these hobbies, purchase funds such as the instrument has become a problem of seed. She in earn bytes bill doing behind the scenes in a live house.

Her guitar is based on the Abril ravine model Telecaster. Red and blue in the Strange Magnet specification


Inamoto Miyu

Birthday:Nov. 7

Her hobby is "baking".
She looks scary. But in fact, she has a cute taste. It was cute towel something also. Her gap is an attractive, yeah.
Why her hobby is a candy making. The answer is "Because commercially available candy calorie high".
She began making sweets in order to take the nutritional balance of herself and her lover.

sweets of the early days is not balanced with the taste, it was tasteless and odorless sweets.
But she continued to research, raised the cuisine of technology. Now of her sweets obediently delicious!
Currently, she is in training for home cooking. Here also she is too stick to nutritional balance. But I believe that certainly accomplish if Miyu. Currently, she is looking for a good cook teacher. Toka Miki, Yuna 's a good.

Amishima Matsuri
Birthday:February 9

Hobby of Mali "girl watching" ............ Hmm. Well, she loves girl.
She was liked by a woman from a long time ago. So, she is a girl appreciation became a hobby while you are enjoying the pleasing sprinkle amiable.
It is in the school there is a women's appreciation spot she recommended. When you can not see her figure is found generally to look for spot
She is referred to as sparkling point that of the spot. Its location is the location where the girl looks especially beautiful. Even so, it Glitters
There was a thing that was in dire several times sparkling spot. Oh, rarely or multiplied by the only voice because it is appreciation. I heart of nutrition is so. what's that.

Note:Matsuri and Miyu is enrolled at the University of the Hokuriku region.



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Translation work is not bogged down, it would be impossible without the cooperation.

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